IMPACT SOLUTIONS platform integrates login with the Lissi Wallet

2 min readMar 17, 2023


and Sign-up with the Lissi Wallet

The IMPACT SOLUTIONS Platform developed by neosfer GmbH offers a login without password with the Lissi Wallet. IMPACT SOLUTIONS is an innovative marketplace through which, companies from all sectors can find tested solutions for their sustainable transformation. Providers from diverse backgrounds can increase the visibility of their solutions.

At the IMPACT SOLUTIONS Platform, organisations meet the most suitable providers for their needs via an intelligent matchmaking process and can identify valuable solutions for their sustainable transformation in an uncomplicated way.

From now on, users of the IMPACT SOLUTIONS platform can register with the Lissi Wallet:
The IMPACT SOLUTIONS platform is currently only available for desktop devices.

Kai Werner, Managing Director of neosfer GmbH about the Lissi Login for the IMPACT SOLUTIONS Platform

Registration: After scanning the QR-code, a connection to the new contact is established. Subsequently, the login credential is issued directly by the IMPACT SOLUTIONS Platform and can be accepted by the user.

Sign-up flow for users with the Lissi Wallet

Login: To login, the user only has to scan the QR code on the website and answer the information request.

Login flow with the Lissi Wallet

Advantages for users:

  • Convenience due to login without password
  • Avoidance of password leaks
  • Access to the account is always available with the smartphone
  • High security through two-factor (2FA) use by default

Advantages for organisations:

  • Issue and request of further credentials
  • Use of customer connection for regular communication (e.g. newsletter)
  • Making it more difficult to pass on or share accounts
  • Easy integration if an OpenID interface already exists

Would you like to secure your customer relationship and enable login without password? We would be happy to provide you with our software free of charge for testing purposes. Contact us via

About Lissi:

Lissi provides simple applications for organisations to issue, manage and store digital credentials. This includes the Lissi Wallet and our applications for organisations.