Introducing the Lissi Mobile Wallet 2.0

  • It is developed by the Lissi Team within the Main Incubator GmbH, the research and development unit of the Commerzbank group.
  • The Lissi wallet 2.0 is available for Android and iOS.

Wallets: A tool to participate in a digital society

With an increasing digital life the importance of trusted digital relationships is paramount for a functioning society. However, to establish reliable communication channels via the internet, it’s necessary to re-invent digital identity. The Lissi team has dedicated the whole year to create an outstanding user experience for the Lissi mobile wallet.

The story behind the Lissi wallet

Lissi provides software components for individuals and institutions to gain data sovereignty. This includes our Lissi wallet, which we want to introduce in this article as well as our institutional agent. Lissi is a brand of the Main Incubator GmbH, which is the research and development unit of the Commerzbank group. We have been actively involved in the identity community for years and initiated and lead the IDunion consortia, which is fostered by the German Government. While we develop the Lissi wallet internally together with the Commerzbank AG, we co-develop the institutional agent together with the Technical University of Berlin, ING-Germany, Commerzbank AG, Deutsche Bank AG and Bundesdruckerei GmbH. If you want to test our institutional agent feel free to contact us via

Lissi Logo

A feature rich user experience

The wallet can be used to establish private peer-to-peer connections to third parties and exchange identity information. This information can either be self-attested, verified by a third party or a privacy preserving statement. The wallet illustrates all collected credentials directly when opening the wallet, but also offers a credential carousel, which can be used to get additional information about a particular credential, such as the attributes and the activity. The activity creates the necessary transparency for the user and records when a user shared information with a third party. The credential images illustrated below currently only work in combination with our institutional agent. However, we are looking forward to participating in standardization efforts of such images with the international community.

The status quo and the road ahead

This is a beta-launch, hence it’s for testing purposes only. Some functions still need further adjustment and the app might not always perform as expected. This enables interested parties to test the Lissi wallet in their use-case pilots and allows us to get direct feedback to further iterate on the product. A productive version is planned for early 2021.



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