Testing self-sovereign identity with the Lissi demo

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Experience self-sovereign identity in action with the Lissi demo.

This article explains the demonstration offered by Lissi. It is also available in German.

Lissi provides institutions and end-users with software to exchange trusted information while having maximal data sovereignty. We now offer a demonstration for the Lissi Wallet, which enables you to experience the user flow of receiving credentials and answering information requests.

You can find the demonstration on www.lissi.id/demo. You can either open the demo on your phone or on a desktop browser. While we recommend using the Lissi Wallet (iOS / Android) for an optimal experience, the demo also works with other compatible wallets.

The demo contains different example use-cases to illustrate a potential user journey. The use cases are adjusted to the demonstration setup, meaning that in a real scenario there might be additional steps necessary depending on the use case at question.

Use case 1: Base-ID (eID — electronic Identification)

Get your Base-ID

In the first step, you get your Base-ID. This credential is issued to you from a municipal office . Imagine you are in this municipal office and show your physical ID card first. You could also get this credential by using the eID function of your pass and directly and digitally extract it via NFC from your eID-Card.

Use case 2: Credit Card

Get your digital credit card from your bank.

Once you got your Base-ID in your wallet, you can use it to get a credit card. You can easily request a credit card as a new customer of a consumer bank. You will be provided with the card once you shared your data, which is a necessary step from a regulatory perspective.

Use case 3: Hotel check-in

Check-in to you favourite hotel.

You want to do a digital check-in for your hotel stay. You can easily present your personal information as well as a payment option to get your room card.

Use case 4: Apply for a university and get a course certificate

Apply for a university and get a course certificate.

You have successfully completed school and now want to enrol at a university. You can use your Base-ID and phone number to provide the university with the necessary information.

We are convinced this demonstrated user flow can help to better understand the interactions in a digital identity ecosystem such as IDunion. The exact circumstances are always dependent on the use case at hand and might vary regarding their required level of assurance, which is a standardised measure to determine the trust you can allocate to the information presented to you. Regulated use cases have legal requirements regarding the level of trust needed. The Lissi team is in discussion with trust service providers, authorities, municipalities, agencies, associations and other relevant stakeholders to meet all the necessary requirements and provide you with the best user experience.

We would love to hear your feedback. What do you like about the demo or where do you see room for improvement? Feel free to reach out to us via info@lissi.id

The Lissi Team




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