The Lissi Wallet now supports additional cards and convenience features.

2 min readNov 9, 2021

Import of additional cards

The Lissi Wallet does supports verified credentials, custom cards and pk.pass files

The Lissi Wallet now supports .pkpass files, as well as other custom cards, in addition to verifiable credentials (first screen).

Any card in the wallet that has a bar code or QR code can now be easily stored digitally in Lissi Wallet (second screen). These can be customer cards, membership cards or, for example, gift cards. If required, the barcode can then be shown to the merchant instead of carrying the card itself.

Often tickets, such as a boarding pass for flights or health passes, which are required for entry abroad, are issued as a .pkpass file. These passes can be easily imported into the wallet and can be presented with the Lissi Wallet at the airport or on the train if needed (third screen). Currently, this feature is only available for Android.

Automatically accept incoming connections and credentials and display information about interactions

New convenience features within the Lissi Wallet

Connection requests and the acceptance of new credentials can now be automated. Users can activate the automatic acceptance of new connections within the settings or after the establishment of three connections. Regardless of whether the connection is accepted automatically or not, users are informed about the connection setup (first screen). The automatic acceptance of new credentials can be activated for individual contacts as desired (second screen).

When users receive a new credential, a green banner informs them that the credential has been successfully stored in the wallet (third screen). In addition, users are informed that information has been successfully presented to a contact (fourth screen).

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