The Lissi wallet supports multiple networks (ledgers)

Networks — the backbone of information verification

While the information exchange is conducted via encrypted peer-to-peer connections, a verifier requires a mechanism to verify the truthfulness of the presented information. To allow verifiability, distributed networks are used, which contain information to identify the issuer of identity information. When a credential is issued, it is signed by the issuer enabling asynchronous verifiability for verifiers. While the Lissi team is one of the driving forces of the IDunion network, we also support other networks.

Networks, which are currently supported by the Lissi wallet:

IDunion test

The IDunion test network is operated by the IDunion consortium consisting of private and public partners. You can find more information in our press release about the start of the network or our utility story, which we published in the Trust over IP (ToIP) Foundation.

Sovrin staging, builder and mainnet

The purpose of the Sovrin Ledger is to provide a decentralized global public utility for self-sovereign identity that serves as the foundation for the Sovrin Network. The purpose of the Sovrin Network is to enable the Sovrin Web of Trust — a decentralized global web of trust interconnecting all Identity Owners and the Things they control.

Indicio Network created the Indicio Network to meet the needs of companies and organizations that want a reliable and robust network to build, test, demo, and launch their identity solutions — all the while supported by a team of engineers with extensive experience in decentralized identity, its architecture, and its use cases.

BCovrin Ledger

The different BCovrin Ledgers are for test purposes operated by the province of British Columbia, Canada. The VON (Verifiable Organisation Network) offers great resources for a deep dive.

The user-experience



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