The Lissi wallet supports multiple networks (ledgers)

The Lissi wallet enables end users to manage their identity information and decide when to share information with third parties. The Lissi wallet simplifies the management of credentials, certificates, contacts and other personal data. This information itself is stored on the user’s device and can be presented by the user to the desired third parties. This is useful for different use cases and enables a new way of identity management.

Networks — the backbone of information verification

Networks, which are currently supported by the Lissi wallet:

IDunion test

Sovrin staging, builder and mainnet

Indicio Network

BCovrin Ledger

Contact us via if you want the Lissi wallet to support your network too!

The user-experience

As already mentioned, the network is only necessary for the verification of presented information and therefore is only one building block of a holistic solution. While the network is important for the issuer and verifier, the user doesn’t want to manually switch the network every time. While we illustrate this information for the user, it’s not necessary to adjust the network. The Lissi wallet automatically recognises the used network and illustrates it on the back side of the credential.

We will keep working continuously on the integration of other networks to ensure the wide usage of the Lissi wallet. Feel free to reach out to us for any feature requests or other input via

Your Lissi team

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