The Lissi wallet supports the Indicio Network

Digital identity is now a fundamental requirement to function in a world that has shifted to remote-first. To empower individuals and to protect their self-sufficiency, the concept of self-sovereign identity (SSI) was developed. It grants the individual agency over their interactions and data by putting the data-subject back into the driver-seat.

Self-sovereign identity and its use-cases

Wallets and Networks

About the Lissi Wallet

While the Lissi team is also involved in the formation of the IDunion network with its main focus in Europe, we recognize that organisations around the world have different needs. The networks, which are necessary to verify the authenticity of issued credentials, need to be adjusted to different regulatory requirements and the specific demands of their target audience. The network is a distributed and publicly readable database, which contains the public identifier of a legal entity. Therefore, we are committed to not only provide individuals with the choice of their favourite wallet, but also organisations with the choice of their network. We are delighted to announce that the latest version of the Lissi wallet also supports the Indicio Network.

About the Indico Network

Indicio believes that this “concierge” approach to running a network will accelerate the development, adoption, and use of verifiable digital credentials. This means:

  • Professional staffing: Indicio’s engineers are among the most experienced in the decentralized identity field and are ready to answer questions, support network operations, and help to get products ready for launch.
  • Stability for demonstrations: Indicio supports developers at every step of the way from building to testing and public demonstrations.
  • Cross-network test readiness: Indicio sees the future as one of interoperable credentials and networks. Its network is the perfect platform for testing interoperability by issuing and verifying on multiple networks.
  • Easy Node Operator onboarding: For those interested in joining a network as a node operator, Indicio has simplified the process, offers training for all levels, and a suite of network tools and resources.

With the Covid pandemic driving urgent need for decentralized identity solutions, Indicio is committed to delivering superlative infrastructure and technical support, and to making decentralized identity as easy to use as possible, whether as a node operator, a developer, an issuer or a verifier.

About Indicio

This article was co-written by the Lissi and Indicio team.



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