Transparency with Lissi: Monitor your interactions and shared information

What information have you shared, with whom and when?

The Lissi wallet offers individuals to receive, store, manage and present identity information as an application running on a mobile phone. You can find more information about it here. However, this article details how it creates transparency for the user.

Your credential, information and transparency

When owning a credential it’s not only important what information it contains as attributes, but also:

1) When it was issued and presented,
2) Who issued it and to whom it was presented and
3) Which attributes were presented.

The Lissi wallet offers a clear overview of shared information.

The Lissi wallet illustrates the information of the credential (the attributes) within the info section. The activities section displays the interactions in which the credential was involved (e.g. an issuance or a proof request / verified presentation). It states all three of the above mentioned points. The Lissi wallet protocols all these interactions to increase transparency and help to stay informed.

Further developments

A protocol of interactions to monitor one’s activities is a good first step. However, the next topics, which we need to address are consent, sharing policies and the execution of GDPR rights.

Consent is a permission granted by an individual to a third party for a certain activity. In order to make an informed decision an individual e.g. needs to know: Who asks? Has the party the right to ask? What is done with the data? Where is it stored? All this information needs to be easily accessible for the user in order to grant or revoke consent for the use of his:her data. However, this should not be a vendor specific integration and instead needs to be discussed and formalised with other stakeholders. We are actively involved in such discussions in the Decentralised Identity Foundation (DIF) and other relevant communities.

The Lissi Team




Let’s initiate self-sovereign identity. Lissi eine Marke der Main Incubator GmbH, Impressum auf

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Let’s initiate self-sovereign identity. Lissi eine Marke der Main Incubator GmbH, Impressum auf

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