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Picture: Use cases with the Lissi Wallet within the education sector.

In this article we would like to provide you with an overview of the use cases within the educational sector we are currently working on within IDunion. The article is also available in German.

We spend a lot of time in school or universities to get a decent education. Upon successful graduation from a school or university, a certificate is issued as proof of the achievements. However, these are currently still only issued in paper form and therefore cannot be easily presented to third parties. With Lissi, you receive your educational certificates directly in your wallet and can present them to third parties, such as a potential employer or university, as required. However, we are going one step further and, together with our partners from the education sector, would like to digitise all processes that require trusted interactions. For the time being, this includes the following three application areas:

Picture: Educational certificates with the Lissi Wallet

Educational Credentials

There are a variety of proofs of educational achievements: from school and university certificates to training confirmations from employers or an online platform. Currently, we receive these certificates in paper form or as PDFs, which are difficult to verify by third parties. Parties who want to verify the certificates often have no way to distinguish a fake from an original. This is a problem for all parties involved. We are actively working with education certificate providers to digitise these credentials so that you can conveniently store them in your Lissi Wallet and present them to third parties. Our goal is to cover the complete journey for a student and that starts in high school. With the Lissi Wallet, you can store all your certificates from graduation to master’s degree and everything in between for life long usage.

Our IDunion partner, the BWI GmbH, has published an article on this topic.

Picture: Applications to educational institutions with the Lissi Wallet

Applying to educational institutions:

When applying to a public institution as a student different documents are required. Oftentimes these include the identity card, previous educational certificates or other documents depending on the course of study and personal circumstances. Since most of these documents still have to be submitted in paper form, this is a lot of work for both the applicant and the educational institution. With Lissi, we make it possible to send documents that are particularly valuable or in need of protection in digital form. This eliminates additional work for applicants, e.g. the need to have certified copies. Educational institutions can then process applications faster and more efficiently, which is an advantage for everyone involved.

Campus management:

Together with the Technical University of Berlin, we are investigating how the campus management infrastructure can be expanded with SSI agents. Various services, such as access to campus services, will be offered with verifiable credentials in the future. Learners as well as teachers will thus have access to the various services of the university via the Lissi Wallet. These include, for example, registering for courses or events, obtaining certificates, accessing premises or applying for other services. Thus, the educational institution has direct contact with each learner and can conveniently request information and provide services.

Patrick Herbke of the Technical University of Berlin about the Lissi Wallet

Organizations which are interested in collaborating on the above use cases or would like to contribute new use cases from the field are welcome to contact us via

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